Bringing accessible technology to the touch screen domain.

Our Goal

To create a product that will allow a visually impaired person to interact with any touch screen.
Touch screens are becoming more and more common in everyday life. Airplanes, movie theatres, grocery stores, mall directories and more all use touch screens to provide services. Unfortunately these touch screens often do not have any accessible features for someone who is unable to clearly see all of its elements. In general touch screens aren't accessible to someone who is visually impaired, and we aim to change that.

Current Status & Future Plans

The WatVision team presented at the University of Waterloo Mechatronics Symposium and won two awards: The General Motors Innovation award, and also 2nd place in the People's Choice award.

The team aims to ensure that this technology becomes available to as many people as possible in the future, and any further news will be posted on this site, or you can subscribe to be notified by email below. Stay tuned!

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Who We Are

The WatVision team is made up of 6 fourth year Mechatronics Engineering students from the university of Waterloo. The team has a diverse background in different areas of technology such as software, electrical and mechanical engineering concepts.

Meet The Team

What We Are Doing Right Now

Having completed our demo for our project, the WatVision team is now looking at exciting opportunities to make this technology a reality, and the best way to put our system in the hands of people around the world.

How You Can Help

If you are interested in helping this project, or just want to learn more please email the team at: watvision.team@gmail.com
We are always looking to hear from someone who is visually impaired on how they interact with touch screens, and we use that feedback while developing this product.

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