Meet The WatVision Team!

Nov 8, 2017 • Elizabeth Morrow

The team consists of 6 engineers from the Mechatronics Engineering program at the University of Waterloo, Class of 2018. After 5 years of this multidisciplinary program, each team member has worked to solidify a fundamental understanding of principals in mechanical, electrical, and software engineering. Each of these members has also completed 6 internships, developing specialized applied skills. Together we hope to use our combined skills to produce the best possible solution.

Craig Loewen

CraigLoewenPicture Craig leads the team in project management skills and experience. He has worked in Canada and the United States, at GM managing automotive manufacturing teams as well as at Microsoft managing software teams. Craig will be working on the vision team.

Lior Lustgarten

Lior Lustgarten Photo Lior has an incredible variety of experience, including working in robotics at Tesla and software at Microsoft. He excels in mechanical design, and will be working on the wearable team.

Elizabeth Morrow

Elizabeth Morrow Photo Elizabeth specilizes in electrical and software engineering. She has spent her internships in medical technology and languages/compilers. Elizabeth is passionate about empowering people and will be leading outreach as well as working on the vision team.

Joseph Lundy

Joseph Lundy Photo Joseph brings valuable experience in electrical design and software to the team. He has worked on computer vision at NXP Semiconductor and medical technology at Synaptive Medical. Joseph will be working primarily with the wearable team.

Jennifer Kim

Jennifer Kim Photo Jennifer is an accomplished electrical engineer, coming to the team with experience at Formlabs in Boston. She will be working with the wearable team designing the electrical system and interfacing.

Jacob Rampertab

Jacob Rampertab Jacob is both an experienced engineer and also an aspiring entrepreneur. Our integrations specialist and true mechtronics engineer, he has spent internships at companies like NVIDIA and Alchemy Labs. Jacob will be working on the vision team while also leading sponsorship.