Finishing Features and Adding Polish

Feb 8, 2018 • Craig Loewen

After creating the initial demo, the team has turned their attention towards becoming feature complete, and then adding more polish to the project for the demo day on March 23rd.


The features that will be present on demo day are still being explored. The team has set a target for the minimum set of features that we want for March 23rd, but are keeping our scope flexible incase we want to add more. For example, we have added the ability to detect the screen when only one marker is present, making the product much more robust if a corner of the screen slips out of view.

Adding Polish

Our final demo day is quickly approaching! We only have around 4 weeks left, and still lots of work to do. We want to create a very polished and compelling demo, and so have started that process now. The team has decided on what our demo will look like, and will post more details about it as we solidify the details.