First Full System Demo

Jan 27, 2018 • Jacob Rampertab

Five months of development and only two months left from symposium. Check out our progress!

Full System Demo

We’ve made a demo video showing just how much our system can do. Check it out by clicking the video below. Make sure to turn up the volume to hear the Watvision system speaking!

How to use it

The video shows Craig demoing how to use our system. Here is a breakdown of how he did it.

  1. Start the app and point your phone camera at the touch screen you are trying to use
  2. Listen to the app, it will guide you to aim the camera at the entire screen. It will give commands such as “Move Left” or “Move Up” to help the user capture the whole screen.
  3. Place the finger wearing the ring on the touch screen and begin exploring!

That’s all it takes, let the app do the reading for you. When your finger moves over text or buttons, the app reads out what its for so you as the user can decide whether you want to use it or not.

Interesting in trying it?

We are looking for participants to try out the system and give us feedback as we continue to develop. If you or someone you know has a visual impairment and would be interested in trying out the Watvision system, contact us at