Our First Glove Prototype

Mar 7, 2018 • Jennifer Kim

Over the last week, the wearable team got together to put together the first glove prototype! This would include a lot of the features that are too large to fit on a miniturized ring, such as haptic feedback or a push button for user input. It also insulates the entire hand from accidentally activating the touchscreen. With the current components we had available, we were able to put together a very rough prototype of what we wanted the glove to look like.

Wires on haptic motor Connecting wires on the haptic motor!

The majority of the electronics are currently resting on the back of the user’s hand, with the tracking pattern at the tip continuing to indicate its position to the vision system. This is where the haptic motor has been embedded.

Location of the haptic motor The location of the haptic motor on the tracking pattern platform, currently exposed.

Again, this is a very rough prototype - the team has begun designing for the second iteration of the glove, which will have a better casing for the electronics, additional user input, and look much more polished.

First glove prototype The first glove prototype, with the tracking pattern on the index finger and some of the electronics.