Our Schedule

Nov 10, 2017 • Jennifer Kim


Our goal is to have a functional prototype by the end of March, which is when the capstone project symposium date is. We want to meet the basics of our constraints and criteria (which is in another blog post), and hopefully go beyond that. Ideally, the more polished our prototype is, the better - all of us are aware that 5 months isn’t enough time to have a complete solution, but we want to get as close to it as possible.

We’ve decided to keep the overall scope of what we want to see ambiguous for the time being - we’d like to see how far we can get before limiting ourselves in one form another. This will change the further we move on with the project! With that in mind, this is the schedule we have in mind, broken down by month.



Since we have a basic concept designed and certain parts of our design scoped out, we’ll be spending the month doing basic prototyping. This means generating proof of concepts, figuring out which approach works best, and having something that can read a touch screen and interact with it. We’ve split up the work to make sure both the vision side and the actuation side are making the similar amounts of progress (which means subsequent updates may be come split!).


Is our final exam month! This means the workload for December isn’t expected to be heavy, but it may also be a time where we make a lot of progress depending on everyone’s schedule. For now, we’ve decided on initial testing, to go with our prototyping from November. This will hopefully include integrating parts of the vision and actuation to see if they can, in fact, work together in a way that we want it to.

January + February

We’re nearing our symposium date - since we should have some kind of basic, but complete prototype by this point, all we need to do is to iterate on the design. Essentially, we’re adding features, making the functionality more robust, and making sure everything looks polished. A bulk of our work will be done in these two months, to make sure we can move on from a basic prototype to the most complete solution possible. We’ll also be looking to keep communicating with our testers, and have them provide feedback on our design (if you’d like to be one of those people, send us an email at watvision.team@gmail.com! We’re always looking for feedback).


The symposium is at the end of them month! With the bulk of our design and prototype work complete, we’ll be moving into final testing. Or, less formally: beyond testing, this is where we’ll be making last minute improvements, receiving more formal feedback from our testers, and deciding what we’ll be doing with the project beyond the symposium. Our symposium date is March 23rd, 2018, at the University of Waterloo in Canada, if you’d like to come see just far we’ve managed to take this project!